Video Walkthrough

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Video Walkthrough

Final Notes on the Level Design

Things unable to be implemented

• Secondary Fire for the shotgun and the accompanying audio for it
• NPC interaction in the sewers with wounded enemy soldier
• Custom HUD
• Double Jump ability
• Advanced weapon animations i.e recoil
• Arm animations
• Custom pawns
• Experience nodes, for quests
• Mini map
• Melee Weapon (hammer) and all animations, audio and effects linked to it
• Skyships autoguns
• Incapacitation system
• Physics puzzles
• Game Logo
• Switch puzzle at the end of the Hanger

Packages used for the making of the Trailer:

CH_AnimHuman = K_AnimHuman_BaseMale
CH_AnimHuman = SK_CH_BaseMale_Physics
CH_AnimHuman_Hero = K_AnimHuman_Hero
CH_AnimKrall = K_AnimKrall_Base
CH_AnimKrall = K_Krall_Cinematic
CH_AnimKrall = SK_CH_AnimKrall_Male01_Physics
CH_AnimKrall_Hero = K_AnimKrall_Hero
CH_IronDuard_Male = SK_CH_IronGuard_MaleA

Envy_Effects = P_EFX_Explosion_ThickSmoke
Envy_Effects = P_EFX_Offset_01

UN_Liquid = S_UN_Liquid_SM_Mesh_Waterplane_01
UN_Liquid = S_UN_Liquid_SM_Waterfall_02_1024
UN_Sky = S_UN_Sky_SM_Skydome03
HU_Deco = S_HU_Deco_SM_Rubble01
HU_Deco = S_HU_Deco_SM_Rubble03c
HU_Deco = S_HU_Deco_SM_Trash01
HU_Deco = S_HU_Deco_SM_Trash03
HU_Deco = S_HU_Deco_SM_04a
HU_Deco = S_HU_Deco_SM_04b
HU_Deco = S_HU_Deco_SM_04c
HU_Floors = M_HU_Floors_BSP_Tile01

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