Below are each person's tasks for the semester. If a task doesn't have a number of weeks next to it, it's a task which should be done throughout the project (for example modellers should create assets when they don't have anything else to do).

Name Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4
Sam Wiki (2 weeks) Troll battle (2 weeks) HUD (2 weeks) Assets (including BSP textures)
Ian Art bible (1 week) Budget HUD (2 weeks) Presentations (2 weeks)
Damian Block out level (2 weeks) Finishing level (6 weeks) Textures Assets
Ash RPG system Co-op/checkpoints Weapons scripting Melee system
Dean RPG system Weapons system Downed system
Rob Orthographic drawings (1 week) Add background/characters to wiki (1 week) Audio Texture truck and skyship (2 weeks)
Rowan Player armour models (5 weeks) Sniper rifle (2 weeks) Assets
Jack Plan and research trailer (1 week) Troll model (5 weeks) Trailer (5 weeks)
Luke Pistol (2 weeks) Assets
Nick Truck model (2 weeks) Create melee weapon (2 weeks) Assets
Perry Shotgun (2 weeks) Skyship model (4 weeks) Assets
Week Tasks Due
1 Art bible (Ian), Orthographic drawings (Rob), Plan and research trailer (Jack)
2 Wiki (Sam), Block out level (Damian) Add background/characters to wiki (Rob), Pistol (Luke), Truck model (Nick), Shotgun (Perry)
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