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Main Mission Arc

  1. Recruitment Tutorial level with some premise behind the tasks. Shoot harpies while riding in the back of a truck.
  2. Retaliation Follow up to Recruitment – track your way to the attacker’s outpost and launch a retaliatory assault.
  3. Protectorate One of the small communities you have close ties with is under attack from an enemy Warband – go to their aid and lift the siege.
  4. Trade Relations Form new trade relations with human/non-human community – will include side quests to gain their trust/prove yourself to them, will include morality choices.
  5. Barter Travel to The Bazaar while it is close by and acquire rare goods for a decent price –incorporates morality (get a better price through good or evil means).
  6. Escort Follow up from Trade Relations (human) and Barter – delivering goods to community, protect the convoy.
  7. Hijack Demo Level - Fight your way through the enemy Warband’s base to their hangar, escape with the prototype Skyship with the blueprints onboard.
  8. Incursion Follow up to Hijack (use ship to aid in the assault) – recapture your old territory.
  9. Consolidate follow up to Incursion – Re-establish yourselves as the “native” Warband, weed out any remaining supporters for the overthrown Warband, make contact with previous supporters to resume ties.
  10. Salvage A large merchant Skyship has crashed in the wilderness, race there and fight off other looters for the best pick of what is left of the ship, if there are survivors either help them out or ensure they won’t report your left of their goods (morality)
  11. Infected Take out infected creature rampaging through the countryside (the player finds the creature then watches cutscene of the fight, in the course of the fight the player becomes infected too, second scene is back at the command centre where it is decided you should go into the mountains in search of a tribe of shaman rumoured to have mastered the control of rift energy and are no longer corrupted by its influence) – now travel up through the mountains to find the shaman and complete the magic tutorial.
  12. Sickness Follow up from Infected - after saving yourself from infection help a small community that has been similarly infected (first time you’ll face a large number of infected together)- At the end of the mission cutscene plays where you enter the city and custodians appear to quarantine your squad due to exposure to rift energy, two or three are captured and are taken away.
  13. Deliverance Follow up to Sickness (can be done at anytime but captured characters are unavailable until its completion) – Break into where your comrades are being held undercover and break them out. Escape the complex while being hunted by the guards (include a couple of Custodians).
  14. Coup Follow up from trade relations (non-human) – original leader of non-human clan has been overthrown unjustly; the new leader is not a supporter of the relations between the tribe and your Warband. Restore the previous leader without being implicated. – Opens up side quests to recruit some non-human characters.
  15. Monstrosity One of the great Dragons has made its home in a nearby mountain range, unfortunately one of the Rift Chasms runs under the range and the dragon has been infected and has mutated into a terrible monstrosity, it now poses a huge threat to everything within many miles of its eerie. Travel to the mountaintop and kill the beast before it can cause untold havoc.
  16. Confirmation Having received Intel from contacts within the city of (The Mages) acting different/suspiciously you must find evidence to confirm this and ascertain their plans.
  17. Foreboding Seek out rift expert (somewhere in wilderness unaffiliated with any Warband, maybe a Shaman, could have met before but should be in different location, or could be non-human like a centaur mage) and ask their advice on Intel about (mage house) plans. Begin making preparations against them (can incorporate/lead onto recruiting other factions to help)
  18. Enlistment Recruit help from Eschenbach against (mage house) by competing in The Arena to prove your worth – will be preceded by side quests with Eschenbach gaining their trust etc – One of their engineers can be recruited, though you have to pay him. Instead of a squad you choose what constructs he brings, one huge golem style thing, a few smaller automatons etc. He starts with only one type available, more side quests are required to enable him to bring other constructs.
  19. Havoc Create a public disturbance as a distraction to divert the Custodians attention.
  20. Saboteur Sabotage the plans of (the mage house) while their Custodians are distracted. (If you don’t do Saboteur within an hour gameplay time of Havoc you have to do it again as Custodians are no longer distracted).
  21. Subvert Follow up from Havoc/Saboteur – find away to hide the evidence of your involvement, morality again, witnesses can be silenced or moved.
  22. Decimation Battle against the mage house, then the demon which is unintentionally allowed to gain entry to the world.
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