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Aims and Idea

The aim of this level is to lead an assault on a corrupt house and prevent them from expanding the rift. The expansion of this rift will have horrendous results for the inhabitants of the city whether it goes off without a hitch or fails, if the rift is successfully expanded a large portion of the city around it will be destroyed and the rift energy will affect even further in to the city making areas uninhabitable. This expansion of the rift will create an influx of mutants and rift monsters due to the energy’s increased range and power. If the process of expanding the rift fails during the ritual it could mean a huge explosion destroys the entire city with similar destructive force to that of which created the rift.


This level will be set in a variety of different environments. These are…

  • a sky ship over the city
  • the exterior of a palace that is floating above the city
  • the interior of a palace
  • a rock themed puzzle room
  • a fire themed puzzle room
  • a earth themed puzzle room
  • a water themed puzzle room
  • a sky ship over the city after the rift expansion has failed
  • the city after the rift expansion has failed

The constant changes between environments add interest to the level not only visually but from a gameplay perspective. These variations between environment will allow easy pace changes in the level, this is useful because the level is generally fast paced and intense the environment changes will allow the player to be given a break from both battling and the intense atmosphere.

Pickups and Weapons

As this is the last level in the game the player will already of have amassed a multitude of Weapons and equipment that they can bring on the mission, of varying strengths and abilities. The main source of pickups will be from the bodies of the enemies that they have defeated. The human enemies in the level are part of a large house and will therefore use uniform weapons and armour, the loadouts of the enemies will be based on their function, an example would be some are equipped with snipers to slow the player down or add a different form of engagement. Other pickups will be obtainable in certain places in the level like weapon racks. Certain areas do not contain many enemies to kill that provide ammo the squad that follow you around will provide you with small top ups of ammo when you are below 25%, before boss battles the allies will give you a 50% ammo restock.


Due to the twist in this level the enemies vary from humans to monsters of tremendous power.
For the first half of the level there are mainly human enemies except for 4 powerful monsters that have been captured by (house master name here). The table below shows the enemies that are used in the first half of the level.

The damage that enemies deal are a roughly the damage the player should be taking if they are wearing good armour.

Type Level Loadout Option Loadout Encounter Rate 0-10 (10 is common)
Peon 40 1 Dual SMGs, long sword 10
2 Minigun .32 Caliber Round, Health dispenser 3
3 Stub Shotgun, Grenades 7
4 Dual Pistols, Dual Short Sword 9
Solider 50 1 Heavy Shotgun, Grenades 4
2 Dual machine guns .44 Caliber, long sword, grenades 7
3 Dual SMGs, Dual short swords, Mines 7
4 Energy Rifle, Rift long sword, Grenades 7
5 Minigun .44 Caliber, Turret 4
Sniper 50 1 Rifle, Mines 5
2 Sniper, Short sword 5
55 3 Heavy Sniper, Grenades 3
Scout 30 1 Flame Pistol, Dual Daggers 2
2 Dual Pistols, mines 3
3 Rifle, short sword 4
Berserker 60 1 Great Sword, SMG, Grenades 2
2 Dual Long Swords, Health Dispenser 3
3 Great Axe, SMG 1
4 Great Mace, SMG 1
5 Dual Maces, Grenades 3
Mage 60 1 Random Rift Gauntlet, SMG 1
2 Random Dual Gauntlet 1
Bosses - - Boss statistics are stated in the relevant areas of the level. -

For higher difficulty settings more enemies are spawned unless it is a boss in which case the boss’ health is increased proportionally to the number of players.

After the twist the main enemies that the player faces are Rift mutants and Demons, the statistics for these creatures are stated after the twist. The levels of these are random between 40 and 60. The level of the monster spawned will be on a random basis higher levels will have a lower chance of spawning.

• Reach the floating island
o Fend off the Skyships
• Make way up the barricaded path
• Entre the back door
• Gather the key parts
• Find the head mage
o Defeat the ambush
• Follow and stop the head mage
• Destroy the behemoth
• Reach the Skyships
• Crash in to the behemoth
o Evade the incoming rocks

Level Overview

This is an overview of the area in which the level takes place.


The key areas of the level are labelled above.

The level starts on a sky ship that is heading for the palace of Asatru. The player will be told to man the turrets and defend the sky ship. On the route to the floating island the players sky ship will encounter others of the same size, these sky ships are hostile the player will have to shoot at the other ships and prevent the players ship from being destroyed. If the opposing sky ships reach the player the enemies will begin boarding, and both sky ships will halt. The enemies on deck will be from the scout class from the enemy table. When boarding begins the enemies spawned will be random from the enemy list, and will enter the fray from below deck. Sky ships will crash when the enemies on them are destroyed as they have no pilot left.

Below are the statistics for the Skyships.

Team Health Armament Fire Rate Ammo Count Damage Damage per Minute
Enemy 10000 Main Cannon 30 seconds 2 1000 2000
Forward turret 4 Per second Unlimited 25 6000
Side mounted turret (one per side) 10 Per second Unlimited 5 3000
Cannot penetrate Skyship armour
Allied 25000 Main Cannon 30 seconds Unlimited 2000 4000
Forward turret 4 Per second Unlimited 30 7200
Side mounted turret (one per side) 10 Per second Unlimited 5 3000
Cannot penetrate Skyship armour

Sky ships have an ammo supply next to the door to the lower decks. They also have a random light mêlée weapon and heavy weapon. Likewise a Light and heavy gun, these spawn on the opposite side of the door to the ammo and one the bow of the ship. The doors to the lower deck cannot be opened by the player when enemy open these doors the entrance is blocked with a blocking volume and they are closed after use. If sky ships will not crash whilst a player is on board and the ship will not commence movement until all players are off.

To defend a player has a variety of options of strategies. Firstly the player can rain down fire on the attackers via the side mounted turrets these can be used to prevent enemies from boarding and can turn a limited amount on to the ship to protect the flanks the only the turret on the side of boarding can be used due to the firing arc. Other members of the team can be present on the deck to repel the successful borders.
One wave of enemies will be between fifteen and twenty (depending on the strength of the enemies).

Expected Gameplay
The expected actions of the player depend on how many players are on the team. For one player they are expected to man the turrets until a few enemies get passed him he is the most likely going to retreat in to the boat and either head to the bow or the bridge, from here he is expected to cover and lay down fire on the attackers moving between cover or locations depending on the type of enemies or his selected weapon load out. For multiple players one expected to man the turret until all of the enemies are dead or on the players’ ship, the other players will be expected to cover the player on the turret by killing any foes that pass. No matter how many players are in the game they are expected to change their load out to counter the types of enemies that are spawned.

Overview Continued
Sky ships will spawn from the sky ship dock on the island at intervals between one minute and one minute and a half; unless the sky ship will travel at 75% speed if the last sky ship has not been destroyed. Check points are given after each ship is destroyed.
When the player has progressed to the half way point an allied ship catches up. This ship helps using its weapons but is not involved in boarding action. three quarters of the way the sky ships will stop constantly spawning and three final ships will be spawned. These ships will rise up to block the path of the player from the island and wait for the player’s ship to come in range. When in range these ships will all open up fire with the main cannons two of which will hit the allied ship. The second volley will be fired after thirty seconds in which two blasts will hit the player’s ship, the third blast will damage the other ship which will begin sinking(on fire). The ships will then move forwards and begin boarding, if all three ships remain one will be automatically shot down by a final blast from the sinking ship. Only one enemy ship is destroyable before boarding. If the players ship is destroyed the health bar will stay at one and the enemy ships will cease fire and begin boarding. If the player’s ship was brought to 1 health the turrets are set on fire and disabled.

Once the enemy ships begin boarding the player will have to fight off two waves per ship alternately. The third wave of enemies will come from both ships at once. When the player has dispatched the enemies on the other ships the captain of his own will shout that their ship has sustained to much damage and they must steal one of the others. The captain will jump on to one of the ships and so will the remaining non player characters. The players will have to move to the new allied ship both of the other ships will crash once they have no players on them, the middle ship will only collapse if all players are off the furthest ship.
Once this stage is over the ship continues uncontested towards the island.


The Skyship pulls alongside the island by the rear entrance. The captain instructs you to jump off and that he will send some troops with you. These members join your squad and jump off after you.

Other Skyships are dropping of a large force to attack the main entrance of the castle; cannons on the castle are destroying some of the incoming forces. The forces that manage to land are met by Heavy resistance. The allied forces along with the enemy’s to the front of the palace are being constantly dropped off/spawned, this adds to the overall excitement of the scene.

Level Overview Part Two
In this section of the level the player will need to navigate their way to the rear gate of the palace and force entry. The rout to the palace will be blocked off by three large barricades with small check points so that infantry can pass through, these checkpoints were designed so that attacking would be hard and the houses infantry would have easy access to the edge of the island. Enemies will be spawning from the mansions gate in waves, these wave depend on the amount of players in the mission but will start at a random number between 5 and 8. Enemies will also drop in from a Skyship as it fly’s past this will drop of an additional 2 soldiers and a berserker. The player will be given the choice to destroy a tank for a large experience bonus or take a less risky short cut, this short cut is opened by a cannon blasting the barricade accidently whilst aiming at the player, this happens just before fighting the tank. The tanks stats are as follows.

Health Weapons Weapon Information Damage Fire rate Full rotation speed
10000 Cannon Heavy anti air cannon. Not as effective as a battle tanks main gun. 60, area affect damage is reduced by 1 for every 4cm away from blast centre 60 Seconds 30 seconds
1500 Front Mounted Machine Gun Slow fire rate for a machine gun but powerful 7 3 Per second 10 seconds
400 Side Mounted Mortar Launcher Mounted on the left hand side has a medium range. The shell is designed to fall behind cover 30 20 seconds 15 seconds
2000 Side Mounted Heavy Flamethrower Very short range heavy flamethrower 10 + 1 per second Burning 5 second bursts and cool down 5 seconds

The tank is designed for anti air as it is based on a floating island but even so has formidable anti infantry in case infantry land.

Area Schematics


The player starts at the Skyship and jumps off followed by a few of the Warband’s members.
The player must now push up against the enemy forces using cover and command of the squad to get the best advantage. When the player reaches T1 an opposing Skyship flies over the battlefield and a few of the house’s elite soldiers will jump in to the battle. Once the player has dispatched these foes the player will be lead through the next checkpoint towards T2. On arrival at T2 the cannon on the palace will fire a single shot at the player which will collide with the barricade and create a hole, the speed of the cannon blast is slow; therefore the player will have passed the point where the explosion creates a hole. Because the player has passed this point they may not realised that a safe rout has opened. The player can either destroy the tank ore use the hole at this point.

If the player has not noticed that the barricade is now damaged and fights the tank his or her squad may need to retreat and regroup – at this point the player will most likely notice the hole. This way the player gets the choice to take the safe route if they are having too much trouble with the highly powered tank. Once the player breaches the third barricade the enemies will stop spawning.

Level Overview Part Three
Once the player has entered the mansion through the back door of the mansion the Atmosphere of the level changes dramatically. The player is presented with a large room with a fancy door directly ahead. This door is locked and the player must obtain four parts of a key to open the door. The player is presented the choice of which key part to get first the options are…
• The crystal bow from the earth room
• Half of the bit from the fire room
• Half of the bit from the wind
• The shaft from the water room


Atmosphere – The Key Chambers
The atmosphere of the main room is greatly contrasting from that of the outside. The atmosphere of this room is different firstly due to there being no enemies to defeat, secondly the scenery of the area is greatly contrasting to that the player has see so far this level. The scenery in this room is of high quality richness, composed of marble flooring and an extravagant fountain in the centre made from gold and silver with exotic plants sprouting from the top. This change of atmosphere give the player a break from the constants battling so far but due to the extreme changes this is still not entirely comfortable and keeps the player on edge.

Each key chamber has a different felling to the last as the tasks required to obtain each part of the key are different. These tasks are element themed and related to the key part.

The allies will tell you that they will prevent any soldiers from gaining access and that they will guard the area and supplies. The allies will stay in the main room and the players is tasked with gathering the key pieces by them self. The allies will still aid the player by setting out some supplies the player can use a random selection of 3 heavy weapons and 5 light weapons are placed around the fountain also a pile of unlimited ammo is laid on the floor.

The Fire Room
The key piece is on a necklace around the neck of a large creature in the centre of the room frozen in a block of ice. Surrounding the ice are four podiums that the player must set on fire to melt the ice.

Alongside this puzzle there are 5 fire sprites flying around the room. The way to light the fires and melt the ice is to have the creatures die and land on top of the podiums igniting them, when the creatures are killed their bodies are attracted towards the podium closest, but only limited so the creature will still have to be reasonably near. Once the podiums have all been lit, the ice in the middle starts to melt and the fire sprites retreat in to the fire.

Fire Room Enemies

Name Health Attacks Description Damage Attack rate
Fire Sprite 60 Fire ball 10+ 5 Seconds
Afrit 3000 Smash Smashes the floor creating a shock wave 15 Small affect radius 3 Seconds
Swing Main attack swings arm 30 1 Second
Fire Breath Breaths fire in an arc 5 Per second 15 Seconds
Fire ball Throws and explosive ball of fire 40 medium blast radius 10 Seconds
Fire whip Lashes at the player with fire 10 pulls player close 10 Seconds

All fire attacks in the table above set the player on fire for 5 seconds doing an additional 2 damage per second.


Once the ice has melted the large creature is free and starts to attack the player, the door is now closed and locked. The monster is very slow moving and its attacks hit a wide area, therefore has high health and damage to balance his speed. This boss focuses mainly on mêlée lashing the player back to him if they are out of mêlée range, if the player is out of range of the whip he will throw a large devastating fire ball. Once the boss is down to 1000 health he will start breathing fire at the player.

The player has different option on how to defeat this boss depending on the items being used. The player can get distance and shoot with ranged weapons dodging the fire ball attacks and switching to a mêlée weapon when dragged near or retreating again, or going in with heavy mêlée. The player may also use equipment to help with this fight a good strategy would be to plant mines and then attack whilst the boss is stunned.

When the boss is defeated the piece of the key that was around the bosses neck is automatically added to the player inventory and the player can leave the room.

Water Room
The water room consist of a small puzzle that is reset if the player leaves the room and a boss fight. The room uses cold colours and is coated in a thin veneer of ice with icicles on the ceiling and the bars.

The Water Puzzle


In order to solve to puzzle the player must push both blocks on to the pressure pads. Once a block is on a pressure pad one of the gates in the room opens allowing the player to pull one of the two levers needed to open the gate to the room’s boss. Once both of the levers have been used the main gate in the room opens and the player must fight a boss in order to obtain the key segment from this room.

The easiest solution to the puzzle above is as follows.


Push the block along the green line.
Push the other block along the orange line.
Push the first block along the blue line.
Finish by pushing the remaining block along the green line.

Water Room Enemies

Name Health Attacks Description Damage Attack speed
Yuki-onna 1000 Slice A quick slicing motion 15 2 per second (3 second cool down)
Slide A fast sliding lunge 30 5 seconds
Hail Charged area affect 3 5 per second
Shard A shard of ice thrown 2 2 per second

The boss is very fast and has high agility and speed. The first action the boss takes is to freeze the walls floor and ceiling. She attacks primarily with mêlée attacks freezing the floor to slide around quickly and cover distance between her and the player. If the player manages to create good distance from Yuki-onna then she will use an attack where she throws chunks of ice at the player or rains hail from the roof.
This fight is fast and frantic players who are equipped with mêlée/close range weapons will find this fight easier as they can either block or be in optimum weapon range easily. Other boss battle in this section of the level will be easier with different variations of weapons and stats.

Wind Room
On entering the room the player can see a great winged beast in the centre of the room behind a vortex of wind, its wings furled around it. There are two smaller vortexes either side of the room and ledges on the walls. Behind each of the smaller vortexes are levers that must both be pulled in order to shut down the central vortex. The problem in this room is that the player must find a way to get over the vortexes to pull the levers. There are four small plinths in the middle of the room the first plinth on the left resets the platforms on the walls. The middle left switch makes the platforms move up and down, the middle right makes these move right and left the right hand switch moves the platforms resets the puzzles. The switches in the middle of the room can be shot to activate them. Once a lever is pulled the respective vortex subsides.


Once both of the levers have been pulled and the mini vortexes discharged, the main tempest subsides and the wings of the Roc unfurl.

Name Health Attacks Description Damage Attack speed
Roc 1500 Peck A quick peck whilst flying or standing knocks back player 30 1 second
Claw Claw whilst standing or flying 40 1 second
Gust Flapping the wings at the player to push them back 15 1 per second, 4 second bursts, 5 second cool down
Seed bomb Drops small seeds on the player that pop, they scatter far 3 10 per second

This boss battle is easiest if using ranged weapons as this boss maintains its distance from the player until it attacks. This boss generally fly’s around above the players head and either drops small seed bombs on the player or swoops in to make a physical attack. Although it is easiest to hit the winged beast with ranged weapons, mêlée weapons do 150% damage to the boss. This is to make up for not being able to hit the boss often, and prevent the fight getting boring for a mêlée user. Once the boss is defeated the key shard is automatically placed in the player’s inventory.

Earth Room


The earth room is a pit with large rock columns spouting from the floor, there are four rock plateaus in this room the first is at the room’s entry point this is so that if the player is retreating from the room or entering they will not get frustrated by falling off at the last second or before they know what is in the room. The plateaus in the centre are there to give the player a brief break from precision jumping. This helps prevent the player getting frustrated and annoyed, if the player doesn’t get annoyed they will be able to perform the task better. The final plateau is where the crystal section of the key is located.

In the pit there are a few small rock golems that are up to the player’s waist. These monsters respawn once killed by rising from the rock floor. The pit is escapable via a ladder at the room’s entrance.

The crystal section of the key is immediately visible upon entering the room as it glows slightly, the crystal is located on a large lump of rock, but is embedded so it cannot be taken immediately. By now the player should have noticed that a rail goes over head, this rail has small locks on it which glow and are protected from most angles.

The aim of this room is to navigate across the smaller platforms in the centre of the room that are constantly moving and changing height slightly. The reason for doing this is so that locks can be shot off a rail on the ceiling, the locks are protected so that the player must shoot it from a certain side. Once each lock is destroyed the bomb on the rail is free to move and will slide down to rail towards the crystal the player must shoot the bomb to detonate it, if the bomb is detonated before it reaches the crystal another bomb will take its place at the beginning of the rail.

When the bomb is detonated over the crystal the room shakes and dust fall from the ceiling. The rock that housed the crystal creeks and begins to rise until a Greater Golem is standing with the crystal as its heart.

Name Health Attacks Description Damage Attack speed
Greater Golem 10000 Rock throw A large rock is thrown. 30 5 seconds
Smash The golem attempts to crush the player with a fist 40 5 seconds
Jump The golem attempts to land on the player when jumping between platforms 60 Whenever the golem jumps
Pebble dash The golem throws a handful of pebbles at the player covering an area 3 per pebble 20 pebbles thrown 2 seconds
Small Golem 50 Roll The golem rolls towards the player (fast) 15 5 seconds
A punch Pummel 20 1 second
Crystal 1000

All of the boss’ attacks deal high chance knockback.

This boss runs slower than the majority of level 50 players and its attack take time so the player can jump to another platform in time. If the player is knocked off the platforms he can continue shooting at the golem whilst on the floor of the pit or climb a ladder back to the platforms. If the player successfully knocks back the golem then the golem may fall off the platforms in which case it cannot jump back up.

The player does not need to kill this very tough and hard hitting boss they only need to shoot the crystal out from its chest by doing the required damage to it. Once the crystal has been dislodged the player must find and pick it up the room is dark and the crystal glows so this should be an easy task. The player may need to drop in to the pit in order to collect the crystal, if the boss is still alive it will only use ranged attacks (unless it is in the pit as well).

The benefit of knocking the golem in to the pit is that it will only be able to use ranged attacks if the player remains on the platforms, the player will also be able to manoeuvre around the boss easier for targeting purposes.

The Assembled Key
Once the player has all of the key fragments they are automatically assembled in the inventory. This key allows the player to unlock the door in the main room. Once this door is unlocked the player is to progress up a small flight of stairs in to another small room with a similar theme.


In this room the player is faced with a mercenary hired as a bodyguard, along with his personal guard. The guard encircle the room and begin to attack. Once the player has killed half of the enemies in the room, the mercenary will get annoyed with his troops and will join the fight. The enemies in the room will be soldiers from the enemy table except for two berserkers; an additional berserker is added per player controlled character.

Mercenary Statistics
Health = 500

Attribute Attribute Level
Endurance 70
Agility 70
Speed 40
Strength 90
Accuracy 45
Willpower 0

This boss is a very powerful berserker and dual wilds two great swords; although the boss is very strong and can wild two heavy weapons his attack speed suffers for this, the boss does not wield any other weapons. This boss has lower health than the other bosses in the level firstly because he uses armour secondly he has other enemies assisting him in the fight.

Depending on the players statistics different tactics are more effective. If the player is strong and has high agility it would be wise to use mêlée against the boss as they can block the attacks with only a minor chance of being knocked down. Also if the player has high speed he may wish to use mêlée as they will be able to run behind the boss and attack then run away before the boss retaliates. There are almost limitless tactics depending on what stats the player has levelled in, if there are more than one players then the amount of tactics increase further.

Whilst battling this boss it may be easier to defeat the remaining soldiers before focusing on the boss this reduces the distractions during the battle and reduces the amount of damage the player will take. If there are multiple players one may wish to keep the boss distracted whilst the other players and allies attack the soldiers. On defeat of the mercenary the player automatically unlocks his great sword as a useable weapon; the player also has the choice to take any items he is carrying.

Level Overview Part 3
The player can now continue onwards in to a large garden.


When the player walks in he or she sees the head mage running across the bridge in the middle. He sees the player and jump on to the balcony using a wind rift glove. He then shouts to the guards in the room that the intruders here. He then runs along the balcony out of sight. The player must now find a way up to the balcony in this exotic garden. The player can chose to sneak through the garden hiding behind hedges and ordering his allies safely through to the stairs, or charge in guns blazing and kill all of the enemies in the room.

Once the player reaches the balcony he or she will be spotted by another guard who enters the room from where the mage left. This guard will shout, pointing out the player, and all enemies in the room who have not been killed will begin to attack the player. The advantage to sneaking is that the balconies are a more defensible point as they have physical cover unlike the bushes.

Once the player has defeated the enemies and continued along the balcony they will enter a medium sized room with a similar theme to the rooms downstairs. Upon entering the room the room will shake and the wall will burst open as a sky ship crashes in through the wall. The Skyships cargo crates spill from the deck and break open scattering weapons and ammunition across the floor there are no enemies in this room. Once all of the player controlled characters enter this room the door will be closed and locked behind them by an ally.


There will be a checkpoint in this room and the opportunity to fully restock ammo or change equipment and weapons. The weapons that are dropped consist of six random light weapons and three random heavy weapons, also the following equipment grenades, mines and defibrillators. Once the player has resupplied they can continue on through the other door in this room. This door leads out to a large bridge that extends past the edge of the island.

At this point the player sees one of the most beautiful and dramatic views in the game, the city from the sky with the purple light from the rift directly in the centre pulsating. The rift is noticeably larger and more violent than ever seen during the game so far. This drastic contrast from the battle in the sky ship (the last time the player saw the rift) lets the player know subconsciously that the end of the game is near, this scene also help build up excitement and a crescendo to the story.


The player is limited in this area to walking towards the head mage – the player cannot fall off the side of the bridge. On arrival a short conversation begins, and it becomes clear that the mage has nearly gone insane and is rambling about the might of the rift. The player has a few options in this conversation with different responses but all fail to sway the head mage from his delusions. The conversation ends abruptly and he turns to face the rift. The player hears a tremendous crack as he leaps from the bridge towards the rift. A giant arm suddenly emerges from the rift, grabs him and then slams into the island making a large portion fall in to the city below. A behemoth demon arises past the end of the bridge.

Demonic Enemies

Type Level Attack Description Speed Encounter Rate 0-10 (10 Common)
Flying Demon 40 claw 0.5 seconds burst of 3 every 5 seconds 6/10 if in the sky
spit 0.5 seconds burst of 3 every 5 seconds 6/10 if in the sky
Fire Demon Stats mention in fire room section
Mutated Beast 60 Claw 0.5 seconds 3
lunge Leaps at player 1 second
Fire Beast 50 Breath A flame thrower 3 second burst every 5 seconds 5
Fire ball A small explosive ball 1 second
Scavenger 50 Lash Lashes the player with a whip high knock back 2 seconds
slash A vicious slash 0.3 seconds

The player regains control as a sky ship pulls alongside the bridge. The player is instructed to get on the ship and defend against the hordes or flying demons until the sky ship is in range to fire on the behemoth. The sky ship reaches cannon range after two minutes. A health bar appears on the top of the screen the player is told to destroy the behemoth. Flying demons are still attacking the ship at this point the player has to shoot down the attacking demons or kill them on foot if they land on the ship whilst attacking the behemoth whenever able. The main cannon of the ship occasionally shoots at the behemoth, so that if the player is overwhelmed, the boss can still be killed. The behemoths health is set to 70000.

When the behemoth demon’s health reaches 0, it screams and more of it erupts out from the rift. The behemoth becomes enraged and starts throwing rocks at all of the sky ships in the area; this destroys about 50% of the sky ships. The behemoth throws a rock directly at the sky ship the player is in, the ship captain is to slow to react and the sky ship is hit, the ship crashes in to the city.


The player must now fight their way through the city. To reach a convoy of Skyships which were spotted whilst the ship was going down. During the fight through the city the enemies that will spawn will be from the demonic enemy table. Also the player will encounter other war bands but they are not enemies and will fight to aid the player although they will stay confined to the area they spawn in, when a member from an allied Warband dies they will respawn from one of the random spawn points. If the player has high enough agility they will be able to jump on the lower roofs but not be able to leave the area due to larger buildings. The player will eventually reach a large town centre with Skyships being stocked up. One of the guards will talk to the player and tell them that the air ships are being loaded up with large rift crystals and that the plan is to get one in to the behemoth. Since the majority of available sky ship pilots are already dead or in combat already anyone who is willing and can fly is being drafted to take one of the ships. The player is escorted to one of the ships and told to get to the helm. The player can now restock on ammunition or change weapons from those available on this ship (random like the last sky ships). When the player is ready they will need to man the helm a small cutscene will show the fleet taking off and spreading out. The player now controls sky ship.

The sky ship has the same statistics as the allied ships. The aim of this section is to get the ship to the behemoth and find a way to drop the crystal on it. The player will control the main cannon of the ship whilst other player character or NPC will control the turrets. The player can abandon the helm but no one else will take over, the ship will head in a straight line. The player’s job as helm is to destroy the larger demons and rocks. If the player can not hit the rocks or is busy shooting demons they can evade the rocks. Evading the rocks becomes harder the closer to the behemoth they get as the time to react is less. Other sky ship will fall when the player’s ship reaches increments of 10% health loss, when this happens the behemoth will throw a rock at a ship and it will not avoid it.

When the player is close to the behemoth one of the other sky ships will pull a head and drop its crystal on the behemoth, the crystal simply rolls off its ever changing skin. One of the members on the ship will shout out about this happening and then state that the only way that the crystal will be effective is if they can get in inside the behemoth. The cannon will not be enough for this task so the ship must be crashed in to the gargantuan demon.

The player is instructed to aim the ship at the behemoth, once the player has aimed the ship they will be locked out from the ships controls. A directional auto pilot takes over; this is not used to get the ship to the demon as it’s not smart and can only aim at a bearing. Another sky ship pulls alongside but slightly lower as the player is locked out from the controls. One of the crew shouts “we over heard your plan on the radio, jump on quick”, and the player is given ten seconds to jump on to the ship. A cut scene now plays showing the ship break away.

The details of this cut scene depend on whether all of the players made it on in time. On the event of all players jumping on to the ship in time they are seen on the ship as it moves off, if some players have not made it in time these players are seen running and leaping of the old sky ship on to the new one.
The level ends here and the end game cut scene plays.

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