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Sam Hayes Lead Producer moc.seyah-mas|tcatnoc#moc.seyah-mas|tcatnoc
Rowan Moss Lead Modeller ku.oc.liamtoh|ssomnawor#ku.oc.liamtoh|ssomnawor

Letter of Recommendation for Andrew Marshall

To Whom it May Concern,

Speaking as Junior Producer for the development team of ‘Modern Warband 2’ we would like to recommend Andrew Marshall as an audio technician for the development of Games. He worked in a professional and efficient manner, and was in constant communication with the producers of the game, ensuring clear and concise results. He went out of his way to ensure that his work was of top quality; yet meeting the rather tight deadlines he was given. Without needing urging from the producers, he was aware of what it was he needed to do, and did not hesitate to bring to our attention any issues he had, or any requirements needed to help meet the deadlines. Without his efforts this project would not have been successful and we are happy to considered as a refence for any future work he undertakes.

On Behalf of the Development Team for ‘Modern Warband 2’

Junior Producer
Nicholas Kirkwood

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