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Ba’alishan Malis

Age: 45

Height: 6’11”

Weight: 26.8 Stone

Distinctive Features: Ba’alishan is a massive man; this is shown in both his enormous height and weight of pure muscle. His face is darker and more warn than most men’s, his hair is short with dark and grey edges. He wears upon his face a massive beard with again dark brown and grey highlights this beard is massive nearly leading down to his chest.


Ba’alishan has been renowned as a powerful man within the Fallataer District for the last twenty years. His name and actions have been spread across this sector of the city, leaving most men in fear of him. He was born into the Malis warband, his farther Vensha’r an wise gracious man, who strongly believed in creating a better world for the Warband that followed him. After Vensha’r’s death Ba’alishan’s brother Reli’ra, was promoted to leader of the warband unfortunately this would not be for long…

Reli’ra wished to keep his warband prosperous and tried to retain the treaties with the other local warbands in the district. Unfortunately for Reli’ra events were transpiring against him. After one particular treaty twenty years ago Reli’ra and his brother were overlooking a treaty that would lead to some of the Eachenbach houses technology being supplied to them from an upcoming warband ran by a young man named Elanaus… Unfortunately for Reli’ra this would lead to his end. During the meeting between Elanaus, Reli’ra and Ba’alishan, blood was spilled. In cold blood for want for power and glory Ba’alishan killed his own brother in front of Elanaus, but he was placed with the blame for this horrendous crime. The conflict between the two warbands broke out.

Ba’alishan Soon declaired himself the rightful Warband leader and went on a personal hunt through the district to eliminate all traces of Elanaus and his Warband. Unfortunately for him due to lack of resources he was unable to complete his hunt, every time he pushed against Elanaus he would counter the attacks, and relocate to safety. This war slowly engulfed the whole region and remains the main reason why the area is such a trigger zone for danger.

During this war Ba’alishan went through many wives and wenches’ leading to his extended bastard family, his favoured of his children was always Forukis his great son, the eventually second to his farther powerhouse. He was born in the image of his farther and grew up to be a near equal to the brute. He was later assassinated as a late teen by a man named Taron. This lead to Ba’alishan leading a personal hunt through the slums for him, but he was never seen for many years after. Ba’alishan wanted blood and swore revenge; this would be his motivation for the rest of his life.

Family/friends and Emotive

Forukis Malis – Died in the last 5 years to the hands of Taron.

Reli’ra – Brother to Ba’alishan, died by his hand at a meeting with Elanaus.

Vensha’r – Father of Ba’alishan, died of wounds received.

Team affiliations

Leader of the Malis warband, he stands ahead of most men in respect driven through fear.

Elanaus’s warband – he stands directly opposed to them and will directly fight any members of them.

He has very little to no superstitions, none anyone would ever mention for if they did he would call them a traitor to him for talking about him in such a light. This would undoubtedly see to their end.

Phobias, he has none his only true fear is that of possibly being killed by one of his bastard son’s one day.

His likes include women, his favoured son. Alcohol, he is a drinker of strong beverages and loves nothing more than devouring whole tankards of whatever he can get his hands on. His demand for respect from every and anyone he encounters.

Dislikes include Taron, and Elanaus. Anyone unwilling to respect him and his overall authority, he demands that everyone should treat him like his father, though he rules with fear and not honour.

Hopes dreams desires – To take revenge on the people who have brought misery into his life and to surround himself in the riches he wishes from life, money, power, drink, and women.

How did they end up there? – Through the assassination of his brother.

Physical Traits

How do they move? – He moves like a lumbering behemoth, his giant statue of a man is often showed and causes fear amongst not only the general population but also his Warband members. This titan of a man shows his grand presents and tends to stomp instead of walk. His weight carries the character so every motion has power due to his enormous size.

What is distinctive about their movements? He moves with the ridge of his back and legs near straight never bending his knees through fear of them not holding under his goliath structure. Other than his structured approach towards moving his mass throughout the world he has very little to distinct him.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – He talks with a snarled angry loud bellowing voice. Empathises is given from him onto others with this depth and feel he often manages to not only provoke people into failed challenges, but also into fear and intimidation.

Any catch phrases? – “Death cannot come to quick to you.”

“You are not only pathetic but weak child!”

True Nature of the Character

His true nature is that of a selfish coward, he will do anything to remain in his seat of power. He wishes to gain for his own private nature he knows that he is onto a good thing in the slums and will make sure that his life quality is the highest around. He dwells in this fact.
Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them? – Tankards of poison, deadly in a small quantity but given to you in a mass quantity…

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – Run head long into the front of their lines crushing and destroying all under their path.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – He would kill the insulter; no one dares talk to Malis like this!

Efran Tolbert

Age: 23

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 14.5 Stone

Distinctive Features: Efran is a tall man; his skin is darker than most others what with being an Arontagian. His head is completely bold but has a small goatee which appears a purple black. He has various scars across his body that are normally hidden behind his armour or failing that his Dune cape. His facial structure is very strong and defined, which shows the man’s great strength.


General background – Efran grew up in the dunes of Arontage, here he became accustom to the nomadic life style of his people. For all of his early life Efran was trained in the ways of the hunter, these skills would become essential to his survival and reason for his life span. The dune people of Arontage have very key skills in survival out in the wilderness, these include being able to track the smallest of animals through a sand storm. They are hardy folk who are able to endure the harsher conditions onto them. That said their eyes and ears have both been especially trained since young ages to hear and see over great distances.

Efran left his community during his early teen years to do his right of initiation to become a true hunter of Arontage. This would be forever a problem for Efran, he travelled for days hunting a wild troll who somehow lost its way amongst the dunes. This was a very rare occasion that would give great prowess to Efran if he was to return to camp with the pelt of a great troll. His naivety and juvenile nature would be his down fall. These days of hunting slowly passed into a week, a week alone in the dunes is a feat for anyone even the most hardened Arontagian Hunters. He finally stumbled upon a troll dead on the floor, with all the signs leading to it dying of the harsh conditions. Efran sat and looked at the troll for two whole days before coming to judgement over this.

Efran had the reality of his life come to him, he was a hunter. He was meant to go out into the deep dunes and hunt and kill his prey, Efran had failed the troll had not died to his hand. He had no choice; in keeping with the rules of his people he was now banished. After salvaging what he could from the troll he travelled from the barren dunes to the great city. Here he would choose to make a name for himself, and redeem his honour amongst his people by finally providing a great trophy of the hunt, something worthy of his dishonour.

It took the people very little time to dislike Efran, he was Arontagian after all. His language was far from the city folks they barely understood him. Efran was alone, desperate with no one to turn to. He would survive for the next few years by being a sewer hunter, he would be employed to hunt the mysterious beasts and mutants which dwelled the city below. This would provide a minimal source of income for Efran but he needed more, after a year of trying to learn his way in this city, he was approached in an inn by a group of thugs claiming to be of the Malis Warband. They went to assault Efran due to his Arontagian look they were to be disappointed.

After seconds of brief hand fighting all five lay dead on the floor and decor of the inn, this action alone would be the reason why Elanaus would eventually proposition Efran. He eventually made his way into the Warband, where he became known as an infiltrator… One dark night his abilities finally failed him, and Efran was caught out by two members of Malis’s warband, they hunted him through the dark narrow streets of the city trying to interrogate him. Efran ran for his life but eventually was trapped in a corner, with no way out… This is where Taron, blood-brother saved his life for the first time. As Taron jumped from the dark shadows killing the men of Malis’s Efran thought to himself, he will help me redeem myself.

Efran learnt the ways of the city from Taron, even how to speak the language of the local folk with ease. In turn Efran told Elanaus of Tarons great deed in saving him from death. At this point they were to become the brothers of Shadows. The two most feared assassins within the Fallataer district. For a long five years they waged a gorilla war within the Malis territories, they were a team to be reckoned with.

Family/friends and Emotives

Direct Family – Efrans direct families ware bouts are not known to him. He presumes they are still alive and well in the barrens, chances are this is not so.

Taron Seralis – Taron is Efrans longest serving friend. They met each other in crisis, and now act as brothers to each other, their spiritual bond is the strongest loyalty either has ever received.

Team affiliations – Is a strong member of your warband, and sees them now as his second home since the joining of his spiritual brother Taron.
He is also a true Arontagian, and believes in the strict honour bound hunting traditions of his peoples. In the scenario between his people and his warband he will always choose the honour of his people, even though technically he is an exiled.

His superstitions are mostly related to children’s stories told to him by his elder, the Arontagians believe one day a great creature will appear that only a true Arontagain hunter will be able to kill it, he believes this is the case and will always remain on the lookout for the great beast. Other beliefs he holds are to calm his nerves before travelling enclosed spaces to tap his shoulders head and knees three times each. This goes back to an old Arontagain tradition of never knowing fear.

Efran only has one phobia, and that’s claustrophobia. From his youth he had always known open sprawling lands in front of him and finds it unnatural for there to be walls around him. This so he will openly choose to sleep outside at night instead of in a room. During his time with Taron often he was forced to sleep in small hidden away shelters, this fear often caused problems for the both of them. When hunting in the smaller sewers he often had deep panic attacks that left him shaking.

He has a strange love for eating insects, this is a great Arontagian tradition, which sometimes freaks out others around him, and even Taron finds it a bit unnerving.

He dislikes not only his phobias but also the rain; though he will openly choose to sleep in the rain over indoors he still hates it with a grand passion. To him it is near unnatural, give him some intense heat and he will be happy.

Hopes dreams desires – Eventually he desires to find a beast worth of bringing back to his people, and his honour to be restored. Until then he dreams of a better future for himself and his closest friends.

How did they end up there – through the dark path of dishonour, and misfortune? It is of note that Efran did work with the merchant house for some time before his exile but little is ever spoken of those times.

Physical Traits

How do they move? – Efran moves lightly, his training as an Arontagian has taught him to move softly to never give away his position, his often moves very speedily and with great silence to their movements. Often he crouches and keeps his body low to the ground.

What is distinctive about their movements? – Efran moves with the true mark of a hunter, his every move are calculated in order to have the advantage over his opponent, this in turn makes him a perfect assassin, the sniper that shoots the first shot and is on the other side of a district by the time they work out where the bullet came from.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk – Efran has a very Middle Eastern accent that has gradually started to change into a western style. He often uses the non phonetic language of the Arontagian people, though often lets anyone other than Taron know the true meaning of the words.

Any catch phrases? “Shati’el”

“If you moved any louder I would be able to hear you from Arontage”

True Nature of the Character

Efrans true nature is a lot darker than on face value, you expect him to be there for you as a brother, but in honesty his loyalties to the Warband run very thin. He is an Arontagian, which is all he is in his mind. He knows who his true family are and will do anything for them, if the player ever discovers this you might wonder what happened to the Efran you knew… He is a hunter at heart, this may change his opinion on most people around him who don’t follow his honourable actions and intentions from his culture, but overtly he won’t say anything until he has to, he’s a sociable creature and doesn’t want to be left alone again.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them? – Boiling hot water, you can’t drink it without hurting yourself, and though it can be useful for lots of things you never want it too close to you.

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – He would run up to the nearest and best advantage point, draw their hunting rifle and start firing, they would do his best to kill as many coming towards him. After his position had been compromised he would quickly relocate drawing the enemy into a more perilous position for them.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – They would probably look at the insulter and move to kill them, dishonour is against the Arontagian way, and if you are stupid enough to insult one, you’re going to pay for it with your life.

Elanaus Rochad

Age: 34

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 15.0 Stone

Distinctive Features: Elanaus has dark short hair mixed with white/blond highlights; he has little bits of stubble across his face which are both grey and dark brown. He always has a distinctive smile on him which ridges on one side of his mouth only. His eyes are wide and trusting though at the same time mysterious.


Little is known of Elanaus and his younger years. Most people say he was a son of a travelling merchant who travelled across the world on a sky ship selling different luxurious goods. Others say he is the son of a custodian a great warrior trained for one the personal armies of the great houses. Some even say he is a son of one of the great house leaders. But Elanaus would never tell them if this was the case or not.
Within the first few years of living in the district he slowly made a name for himself as a supplier. Somehow he was able to get extravagant goods to the people, goods most people never saw before. Weapons and ammunition the likes that only a great house would be able to craft. This eventually lead to his wealth and power in the area expanding, from his original team of body guards over time Elanaus started to form a small warband in his own image. They were well supplied for a warband and even well trained.

He managed to strike some key deals and make some serious power plays slowly engulfing some minor gangs and warbands, this would eventually lead to him making a deal with the Malis warband. But as history shows, they were not to be trusted, it eventually lead to him being framed for murder and a blood war happening between Elanaus and Malis. This would be an ongoing war that has lasted nearly twenty years. This war injured Elanaus physically and also in the terms of his power with his warband. This ongoing war would eventually lead to Elanaus hiring more dubious help from the likes of Efran and eventually Taron.

Family/friends and Emotives

Direct Family – Little is known about Elanaus family other than what people claim to be true.

Taron Seralis – Elanaus looks towards Taron as a prodigy in the sense if the warband was ever to need a new leader he would be the best man to take over. They have a mutual respect and friendship because of this.

Team affiliations – Is the leader of the Elanaus Warband, and in charge of maintaining and controlling the Warband to the best of his abilities.
His superstitions include that of never looking into a mirror on the eve of either a battle or a big financial deal, this is because he fears he will see straight into his soul, and this would then be conveyed to others leading them to believe that he was not capable of being a great leader.

His phobias are an indirect phobia, he fears his own inability and fears that it might shine through onto others. His confidence is an area that he is lacking on the inside, but creates a false state of confidence to rally others.

His likes include that of fine drink and creating near impossible deals, though he is seemingly a wise business man, he often feels like he is unable to commit to the challenges he creates for himself. His other enjoyable tasks include that of sword fighting and technology, he like
His main dislikes are the world and people around him other than a select few, this again is not conveyed over to others but in his heart you can tell that this is a bitter dispassion for those around him.

Hopes dreams desires – To end the war in the district and create a prosperous place for him and his warband, eventually in riching himself enough to be able to live in one of the areas of the float sky cities.

How did they end up there? No one truely knows the first encounter of Elanaus was in the Banrich Inn in the district. But little is known of what happened with him to get him there.

Physical Traits

How do they move? – Elanaus moves slowly, his actions of that of a wise man, his presence in a room makes people think this harderned veteran has survived for so long because he must have some amazing ability. His strides are like a feather flowing through the wind, slow and wavering.

What is distinctive about their movements? He tends to move his head in gesture to try and understand others around him better; this gives him the appearance of great levels of confidence and assertiveness.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? Elanaus takes in long drawn out sentence’s that are often highly meaningful. This so he always shows his great gift of intellect when talking with strangers, and friends alike.

Any catch phrases? “If only you were hear in the beginning”

“Torture is easy compared to life here”

“End is not but only our beginning.”

True Nature of the Character

His true nature is to reclaim the lands in the area where he lives. He wishes for his warband to be strong again and finally see the end to the treacherous Malis. He hopes for the end to the bloodshed and to advance his life to a floating city, to get away from the hell of the slums.
Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them? A magic potion – mysterious

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? Call for the help of the rest of their warband and do one on one combat with the lead attacker.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? Probably smile as by this point one of the warband member’s cuts there head off.


Age: 36

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 11.2 Stone

Distinctive Features: Fi is a very short man who shows his years in the luxury of the Magi tower. His hair is a fiery red and his skin again light but with a distant red highlight in it. His body is weak and fragile, but this is often the way with former Magi’. His face is covered in some black stubble. Some times in fits of anger you might notices slight tints of purple running through his vains.


As a young man Fi-Elias studied as an apprentice for the great magi Väinämöinen. For his entire life up to the age of thirty three he spent every single bit of time learning how to manipulate and change the Rift into not only a weapon but also a form of creating help for people.
He was chose amongst all the young apprentices by Väinämöinen himself as he showed the greatest promise to develop greater power. The problem is when he eventually became a late teen he developed a rebellious side to him, one where he gave up the true wish for greatness and wisdom to a power that would eventually change his life.

It has been said that the rift manipulates people in many different ways turning people into mutants some into eventual daemons others just ripping their souls from them as they gaze upon it. Fi was no different to this manipulation, his was losing his mind. Losing it so much that he eventually turned into a crazy surrealist. He started having images in his head and dreams of oddities, things that the world would never be able to create for its defiance against the worlds understanding of logic and realism.

Väinämöinen saw great power in Fi-Elias and so much so that he feared his apprentice and worried for his life and pursuit of his work. This lead Fi to flee from the great city into the wilderness, here he was hunted down for years by custodians of the great house eventually destroying all that dared follow him. Eventually his travels lead him to Frogan the great dragon who told him to return to the city and search out the one who sort great promise to defeat Väinämöinen and his dark ways.

Fi eventually returned to the city and found the one that Frogan told him to found… And then their adventure began.

Family/friends and Emotive

Frogan and him have been great friends for a long time, so much so that Frogan see’s him as her closest Human friend.

Taron distresses Fi as he distrusts any rift users. He has seen what becomes of people that stay too close to the Rift and so he hates anything to do with them.

Marik likes Fi, even though Fi knows he’s a bit simple. Though their friendship remains, Fi tries to teach Marik some aspects of the world even though he doesn’t understand them.

Team affiliations

He is a former member of the great Magi House.

He joins Elanaus’s warband when the player eventually becomes the leader.

His superstition is that of technophobia, as he is a user of only rift technology. Other technologies such as weapons and vehicles unsettle him.

His likes are that of knowledge and understanding of the world, he wishes to know more but feels like sometimes he has very little time to do it. He is a lover of music and can often be seen playing a lute, and will Jam with musicians in Inns.

His dislikes include that of cheap food and drink, so much so that he’s used to the better thing from the magi house. He will consider summoning a Steak from the rift over eating some local dishes.

Hopes dreams desires – He wishes to return to the Magi house and regain his previous position but under a new Grand Magi. He wants for his mind to go back to its previous state, and wishes for a little more power.

Physical Traits

How do they move? He moves with a slight leap in his step this can be seen in his bouncy nature.

What is distinctive about their movements? His movements are jovial and joyful he likes showing happiness in his movement as it amuses him a little.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – Everything he says ends with a lifting inflection, so everything he says sounds like a question. Often his insanity shows through and he just makes odd noises instead of words.

Any catch phrases? “Shibbadedoo’wahhhpa”


True Nature of the Character

He is a truly crazy person. His world outlook is on the border of total insanity, he expresses his surrealist art forms with both manipulation of the rift and also the creation of oddities, with his musical ability. He really wishes for the worlds evils to end and perhaps instead of going back to become a Magi he wishes to become a professional entertainer, and a Lute player that everyone will come to love and respect.
Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them? A melting clock inside a pint of Guinness.

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – Probably shout something silly and non meaningful and shoot lighting into them all.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – They would try easing the situation and if that didn’t work probably hit them over the head with their lute and scream something odd at them.

Princess Frogan of the Dragon Kin

Age: 5000 odd years old

Height: about the size of three two story buildings.

Weight: Unknown, for its rude to ask for a Ladies weight.

Distinctive Features: Frogan’s immense size is surely terrifying for all those that oppose her, she has massive red and black Armour going along her body, her skin seaming thicker than the strongest of metals. Her face is very V shape in nature, leading the player to see that she is defiantly a female of her species.


Frogan is the legendary dragon that lives in the most northern mountains, renowned for being over five thousand years old and the wisest creature that inhabits the lands. She was the only daughter of Gorloth, who was the king of the dragons, which rightfully makes her a dragon princess, though she chooses to live in exile from her people.

Over her long life span Frogan has seen the world change in many ways, including that of the people slowly corrupting before her very eyes, the world is changed into a darker places corrupted by the great houses who influence the rotting of this once great world. She despises them for this though she has connections with some of the magi house who once asked her for help.

She stays now in her layer watching the world living out her immortal life as a guardian to all, but refusing to act until the people truly need her. Though she has come under attack from different members of the custodians, the houses and warbands she has always prevailed this is due to her immense size and ability in combat.

Family/friends and Emotive

Gorloth her father the king of the dragons, though they left each other on bad terms they still have a life connection and love each other dearly. Though they haven’t spoken in nearly four thousand years they still remain spiritually close.

Tyith Nothing is known about Tyith other than he is of human dragon blood. So much so he hides in the night watching the world and Frogan, he is her keeper and protector. He like her is immortal and a watcher of the world, though a human in form he posses the powers of most dragons.

Apprentice Fi-Lias they have known each other for a very long time indeed, and treat each other with great respect. This being so he is one of the only people from the great houses that she can trust.

Her relationship with Efran is very dark, he considers her the master pray, and the creature that will redeem him in the eyes of his people and one day he swears he will kill her.

With Leeleanna there is no animosity from Frogan but Leeleanna is uneasy and scared of her.

Marik cares for Frogan and loves the fact that she’s one of the only creatures he’s ever seen that is bigger than him, due to his simple nature Frogan admires Marik ignorance to the world and secretly longs to have experienced life like he does.

Team affiliations

She respects what the player is doing for the world, though will not directly help him she will go out of her way to provide some kind of support if the need arises.

The great houses, she personally loathes though if a greater threat arrives then she will directly challenge that, though the houses are seen as blight on the world to her.

As a dragon she has no phobias or superstitions her only likes and dislikes are created from what people do around her, she watch’s and tries to reserve judgement on them overtly. She is static in the world and would never openly show any emotion to anyone around her.
Her dreams and desires are to be left alone to watch the world, as this is what her kin do. She wishes deeply for humanity to resolve its problems and create a society that helps each other instead of hurting each other. If this happens she will be happy and return to her people, choosing to end her exile.

Physical Traits

How do they move? As a dragon she moves like a lumbering massive quad-ped. Every action is grand and elegant, she can choose to walk, fly or glide depending on the scenario.

What is distinctive about their movements? Being the only dragon that the player will encounter she moves with such elegance and ease that you would expect from someone of royal birth. Her power is shown during her movements as everyone has the grace of good breeding and the strength of a hundred trolls.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – With a low regal tone, much likes most female monarchs. Her voice is not only soulful but also melodic and calming.

Any catch phrases? – “So you need me do you.”

“I am the watcher of this world…”

True Nature of the Character

She wishes for the world to be at peace for the rift to be destroyed and for the world to be as it once was. She is the conservative force of nature in the world, and wishes to restore its balance. She is a powerful creature that feels the limits of her powers and her obligation to the humans. She is to be trusted if the player wishes the world to become a better place, if they don’t and they wish for their own selfish desires then be warned she will break them easier than a twig.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them. Herbal tea – natural and calming, though can cause problems if used wrongly.
There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – Lift herself up in flight and breathe hell down upon them.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – Laugh and tell them to leave as they were not worth her time and not worth being in her presence.

Kor Graith

Age: 492

Height: 14’8”

Weight: 40 + Stone

Distinctive Features: Kor is a giant of a creature, perhaps one of the biggest trolls in existence. His body is pure muscle with a tiny bit of fat hiding in his stomach somehow even after these years of slavery. His face and body is scared all over, his years of hardship show through on him. His tusk remains broken and his face feels warn and bitter.


Former leader of the Ja’hatan Clan, who once lived in the village of Ja’kel. Thirty years ago when out hunting for his clan Kor was ambushed by a ten man warband lead by the evil Ba’alishan Malis. He spent then the next thirty years as a tortured soul, a creature with no more free will, no more family, and no more honour. This killed Kor inside, his rage that once filled him turned into servitude; he was nothing more than a Slave. For those thirty years he toiled away across the slums doing his masters bidding being that of acting as a personal body guard to that of carrying heavy objects.

His years of slaving were over eventually when an unlikely hero managed to create a way for him to get his freedom. What will happen between the two of them no one not even Kor knows? But one thing is certain no matter his motives Kor owe him some form of gratitude.

Family/friends and Emotive

Kors family – Currently unknown to him he assumes the worst, but in reality they have managed to survive in the distant village of Ja’kel.
Player – owes a debt of gratitude towards, but doesn’t overly know how to show it.
Salvie – Dislikes heavily though will start to develop less resent meant over time.

Team affiliations

A Strong member of the Ja’hatan Clan, there former leader.

Strong alliances to the players warband when they are formed under him.

Instance hate towards the enemy warband.

Superstitions, not really superstitions effect him but more the trolls religious ethos, that of him having to spend a day in silence every month, in fear of the world falling apart under his feet.

Phobias, Kor Graith is without fear, to all but losing his soul and being a slave again. He is such a strong free willed individual that if he was to lose this ability again it would end up killing him on the inside.

Kor is very fond of the cold being a natural troll this helps him with his thinking process due to the weather conditions having direct correlation with his ability to think. He also enjoys drinking bug juice, something him an Efran have in common.

His major dislikes are entrapment and loss of free will, being a slave nearly ruined him for life, his strong will was needed in order for him to survive the last thirty years. Kor also dislikes anyone being put into slavery and anything that effects others free will, as a different species he is still empathetic to the humans, even though of his bitter hate towards Malis.

He Dreams to see his family again, only by regaining his honour will he be able to make the long pilgrimage back home and regain his rightful place amongst his clan. To gain revenge against Malis for all his deeds against the people of the slums, and also to finally thank and help the player for saving him.

Physical Traits

How do they move? Kor is a troll there is no denying that, he moves slowly with great power. Unlike most trolls he has lived for a long time and has seen a lot about the world, thus being so he keeps a great deal of knowledge, knowledge that no one will expect from a troll. His strides are long, but purposeful; he has some form of power looking over him. Though it might take an onlooker a few hours to realise this.
What is distinctive about their movements? When he moves his back will arch in conjunction with the movements, this shows the great weight both physically and mentally that Kor is carrying. He has great strength about his arms thus they are always slightly being dragged behind his full body.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – As a slave he starts off being nearly unable to talk, all that is often heard from him is low pitched roars, and noises, when his slave collar is removed his personality will slowly change. He is a noble Troll and former clan leader his accent is strong, and his tone is deep, but he does sound remarkably intelligent for a troll.

Any catch phrases? “Sometimes it’s the small things in life that move slower.”

“Freedom and liberty are states of mind, even when you are a slave the hope of these will let you keep your mind.”

“Your end is…. Now!”

True Nature of the Character

Kor’s true nature is obvious; he’s a former leader trying to get back to his people. He is a very honourable creature thus so he will keep to his debt to the player, even if the scenario is overtly hazardous. Though after talking with Kor for some time you will notice he is holding something back, and that is a great pool of knowledge on the world and the creatures that live within it, he will eventually tell you his age is near five hundred years old and knows a lot of the world.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them. Absinth – as it needs heat to give its full potential.

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – swing his arms and crush all around him.
If they were insulted what would happen to them? – as a slave nothing he would take it, as a free troll he would crush the person into the nearest wall.

Leeleanna Movelsi

Age: 19

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 9’6” Stone

Distinctive Features: Leeleanna is the shortest and most slender of the warband. Her hair is bright red with occasional blond highlights in. He face is that of a picture of pure beauty, with deep blue eyes that draw people’s souls in to her.


Leeleanna was born to an only mother in the deepest parts of the slums, there life was hard they were both stuck in the worst scenario. Both had to grow up to be strong women, this was the way of the slums, either become strong or end up dead or worse. Leeleannas mother Xandra did everything for her little girl, eventually she managed to get herself a job in the ammunitions factory for the Easchenbachs. At the age of five years old Leeleanna joined her mother in the factory as a bullet cleaner.

Their life’s were better than Xandra imagined when Leeleanna was born, though they were still both living in the slums they had managed to get protection from the gangs and were far enough to be safe for the rest of their lives… But this wasn’t to be the case, at the age of fourteen Leeleanna was confronted by four other girls, they were all members of the Melishan gang, and all girl gang based far from the factory district but often went through the slums causing problems and stealing whatever they could. This harassment went on for over a month. Leeleanna couldn’t take anymore of this constant hell of physical and mental violence.

Eventually she approached a young dangerous man known as Efran a Dune person. She asked him for some personal protection from these gangsters. They set a trap for them, she was walking home from work and again they confronted her, they were about to finally kill her as Efran came from the shadows and swiftly sort them into combat the first one he ran towards and removed her hand with his blade, the next realised this and attacked him back with a large blade. They were then locked into a duel as the other raised a knife to Leeleannas throat about to kill her as she moved quickly out the way Efran then managed to behead her with a creative sword swing, as he then joined back into combat. The combat between Efran and the other woman contuned, then Leeleanna swiftly picked herself up grabbed a sword from the dead gangster and ran the sword into the gangster.

This event impressed Efran so much so that within a few weeks he introduced her to Elanaus. He offered her a position in his warband after showing much skill and having a personality which somehow calmed Efran. She thought on this position for weeks but events eventually transpired to force her into this position. Her mother Xandra was killed that very week in an unfortunate accident in the factory. Leeleanna felt lost and alone, and sort comfort with Efran to get over this loss. She then took to him and joined the warband out of fear of being alone.

Family/friends and Emotive

Xandra – Died in the factories.

Efran – They’ve had a close friendship for the last few years, but there has been signs of romantic interest between the two but nothing ever came from this.

Player- She is interested in the player perhaps romantically but the two trust each other.

Marik – She is a bit weary of him but he thinks she’s lovely, and means a lot to her.
Team affiliations

She is a member of the Elanauses warband though is only there through reasons that were not of her choosing.

Superstitions – She carries the very first bullet that she polished in the ammunitions factory as she believes this brings her luck.

Phobias – Since a young age and being told a particularly bad story about the Dragon Frogan she has suffered from Mythophobia, and finds anyone telling her any false statements a issue that upsets her. This so she’s a very truthful person.

Likes – She likes peace and quiet, so much so that most of the time at camp she will find herself wondering off to a quiet area away from all the drinking and gaming, to have some time to her thoughts and memories of her mother.

Dislikes – Noise and drinking are her main dislikes she sometimes thinks that something would have happened between her and Efran if he didn’t drink so much with Taron. She just wants a quiet life, and one day when she has enough money and Efrans heart she might get it.
Hopes dreams desires – She wishes for a quiet life, to see her mother once again and get a proper chance to say goodbye. She often wonders what the world would be like if the gangs didn’t harass her and if her mother was still alive. She misses her old life, but knows that she wouldn’t survive on her own.

Physical Traits

How do they move? She walks very tall her strides are long and nimble. She has been taught the soft walk skills that Efran possesses.
What is distinctive about their movements? She moves with movements that show her curves off as best she can. This is done to get the attention of Efran and the player, she knows that she can be a distraction at times, but she relishes in this.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – She has a very quiet voice, and sounds somewhat innocent to the world. This is mostly done to get Efrans attention, though she does often shout when she needs something done.

Any catch phrases? “I do miss her,”

“You’re such a Mister Hopeful Efran”

True Nature of the Character

She gives the impression of being very lost, and lonely. But this isn’t the case she knows that her friends are there for her now much like her mother once was. This being so she takes strength from this sometimes exploiting Efran and the player. She often wish’s for more in life this being so she knows that she will do anything to get away from the hell that became her life, though would never overtly lie to get it. She is truly deeply in love with Efran though would never admit it as she knows he’s hiding something from her and the others. Over the time in the warband she has learnt many skills including that of how to bandage wounds and is often brought along for this ability. She truly is the strongest female character but chooses to hide it well.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them. – Rose wine – Sweet, delicious and nearly classy.

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – She would try getting the others to help her or fight them off the best she can.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – She would build up rage inside of her eventually finding a way of letting all that rage out.

Marik Koden

Age: 22

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 24.5 Stone

Distinctive Features: Marik though massive in size has the facial structure and look of still an innocent child. His eyes bright and wide open to the world, and his mouth always holding a single phonetic. He has little to no hair and no facial hair what so ever, any that he does have is very light blond so it can barely be seen. He holds no physical scars only mental ones.


Marik isn’t the sharpest tool in the box; from a young age he was often made fun of due to his inability to understand everything around him. He grew up in the southern district of the city and made his way after years and years of travel. This was only because he lost his way more than once let’s just say… He was brought up by a tender loving family who wished only the best for him. His father a kind man who worked as a supervisor in a dye factory, his mother a lovely woman who cared for her loved ones. He was to grow up and help his father in his trades, this so he has a great understanding of colour but that’s about it.

He eventually grew up in stature and eventually took a job was a junior dyer. One day he was plodding along minding his own business when the daughter of the owner came into the factory. This would be ever an image in Mariks mind an amazingly attractive girl wearing a beautiful bright pink dress. He had never seen anything quite like this in his life; he went to speak with her. Before he knew it they were talking amongst some unused cloth. When Marik moved to get to know her better she shrieked and didn’t wish for him to touch her, this eventually lead to a brief scuffle and lead to her having her neck snapped. Marik had no idea what to do, this being so he found his father hard at work and told him of what transpired. His father told him to leave this area, run to the north and try escaping the city if he could, so Marik left. A few days later his parents were both killed as a resort to Mariks crime…

Marik was lost in the world and on his own; he travelled to the Fallataer district, and eventually was found by Elanaus. Elanaus looked to the big strong brute and saw an opportunity, he saw a man who was physically capable of anything, but mentally weak. For the next few months he would act as muscle with Elanas and ended up directly working with Taron when on more dangerous tasks.

Family/friends and Emotive

Mother and father – Killed by the factory workers after Mariks pervious mistake

Taron – He likes Taron though doesn’t understand him, he thinks he’s being too smart for his own good at times.

Efran – He dislikes Efran, though wishes he would he feels the need to be overly friendly to Efran that pushes him away.

Leeleanna – He thinks he’s in love with her, even though she has no interest for him. But she still looks at him as a child.

Team affiliations

Marik is a strong member of Elanaus’s Warband.

He believes in superstitions such as moving over vents because he might accidently fall through them.

Phobias, he has an unnatural fear of mice, which have always confused him to why a small creature could ever be able to move around. He feels like anything which is smaller than him, isn’t quite right.

His likes include that of food, he is an avid glutton, he wishes for a nice life eating and enjoying the subtle niceties in life. He likes pretty things, anything that can make him feel “special” inside.

Dislikes, being alone and confused, he has lost much in his life but always been hidden from it. If he ever did loose someone special and knew about it, anything could happen. He also really dislikes small rooms.

His hopes and desires are that he wishes to be with his family again, enjoying life with the girl in the pretty dress. He doesn’t understand that they have died and will never happen but this is his dream.

Physical Traits
How do they move? – He moves as most giants of a man would. His body is physically massive and this effects how he moves. Every movement he does is often done slowly and with no grandness about his movements.

What is distinctive about their movements? He lumbers around, he finds it physically hard to fit between most spaces, his body is often used as a counter weight against how he uses a weapon.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – He talks slowly, trying to understand his words as he says them. This can often confuse him further leading him to talk about completely different subjects.

Any catch phrases? “Errrrm, Wha?”

“Iz’a like Perdy thin’Z”

“He he, youza Smartz one Tarry”

True Nature of the Character

His character is that of a moron, he has no abilities but those of his physical prowess; this is why he is often employed as a heavy weapons expert (in a loose term). This is due to his massive body and muscle structure. His nature is like that of a lost puppy that has no idea what to do with his life. His inability to know his surroundings and world often make his moronic ways a comical retreat to those around him.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them? Oil – Thick though powerful and useful.

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – Grab the nearest biggest thing he could find and either shoot them if it was a gun, or hit them with it, or both.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – Probably smile and not understand what the other person ment.

Salvie Calius

Age: 27

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 10.3 Stone

Distinctive Features: Salvie has dark black long hair, which glistens and shows amazing shine like pure ebony. Her face is very symmetrical and leads into her cat like green eyes that stay hidden behind a pair of spectacles. Her skin is a light shine of white feeling like a complete contrast to her beautiful hair. Her body is a perfect hourglass with her skin looking softer than pure silk.


Salvie grew up in the deep slums as a daughter of an innkeeper known as Dalira, for years she grew up in safety within the inn, being taught distant far of trades from the people coming to stay for the night; eventually she would become an amazing speaker, a girl with a tongue that could charm any man. Eventually this would become her best asset in influencing people around her.

She soon learned the darker side of influence, that of manipulation. This would be a skill she would advance on that would eventually give her great power within the slums. As she developed into a late teen she was noticed by Ba’alishan Malis, this she would work to her advantage. She slowly manipulated him over the years, eventually gaining herself a position as a high ranking official in Malis’s warband. By this time she had developed into a beautiful seductress.

For years she worked organising raids against Elanaus’s Warband eventually going head on in conflict against her direct opposite Taron. The two duelled upon the top of a five story tower block; the fight was short but meaningful. Eventually Taron got the better of her leaving her totally defenceless against him. But she had managed to convince the warrior that he should spare her life, with a gentle kiss upon that tower the two created a confusing relationship. Split between their factions, but together through their desires.

Till this day that kiss remained a secret even from Efran. Perhaps one day it will come back to haunt them both but for now who knows… She remained at Malis’s side through fear of her father being killed by the evil Malis if she was to leave, so for the moment she keeps with her own interests, what were to happen if Malis died, well we will see…

Family/friends and Emotive

Dalira her father, and only remaining family member after her mother died in child birth, she loves him more than any other and will do anything to protect him.

She is a close friend with Malis for what it appears on the outside. If he were to lose power, or become weak he might lose her…

She is interest into Taron but will not openly admit it; instead she will prefer to lead him on until she finally gets what she wants.

The player, again she will lead him on and manipulate them, watch her for this.

Team affiliations

At the start of the game she will be a strong member of Malis warband in fact his second in command.

When the power balance starts changing she will join the player’s warband as it will be more beneficial for her.

She’s not really a superstitious person, though is worried that eventually someone will see through her and eventually turn against her and her manipulative nature.

Her main phobias include that of insects, thus she dislikes when Kor and Efran are eating them. She becomes very squeamish and sickened by the thought of eating bugs.

She likes being the centre of attention so much so this gets on other characters nerves and is one of the reasons why Leeleanna and Efran don’t trust her. She loves having men under the heels and being subservient to her in any way she can manage.

Her dislikes include that of being show to be venerable and scared, this can eventually cause problems for not only her but the people she influences. She dislikes being told what to do also, she sees herself as very liberated and free.

Her hopes and desires include that of managing to finally get away from the slum lands, she often looks for that opening with people within the houses, as she wishes to manipulate them into giving her a place to stay within the floating cities. She eventually knows she will manage to get out of this hellhole, but she doesn’t know at what cost, and will do anything for it not to affect the people she really cares about.

Physical Traits

How do they move? She moves seductively, her body is always straight and she shows a great deal of radiance from about her, this gives the impression of confidence and power.

What is distinctive about their movements? Every movement is design to entice and lead on one of her love interests. This is shown in subtle movements towards certain characters; this will show the aspect of romance and intrigue when also showing her highly manipulative nature.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – To Malis, the player and Taron she will talk seductively like a sweet girl who needs to be trusted, but towards other characters like Kor or Efran she will talk with a bitter abrupt attitude designed to scare them or show them spite.

Any catch phrases? “Oh, you’re just so fantastic, you really are my hero.”

“I wish more men were like you.”

“Get away from me you pile of Shat’al!”

True Nature of the Character

She is highly manipulative on the outside but on the inside very weak and venerable and this is a side to her that would take a lot of notice to be able to see. So much so that only Efran with his high ability to spot subtleties within people has noticed that about her. Eventually she tries to shake this weakness but unfortunately fails and ends up with her and Efran having a heart to heart. Her abrupt nature will come through again after her moment of weakness. Just remember with Salvie she’s only after moving on and getting the best situation for herself and her father, she will do nothing to help the player as long as it doesn’t benefit her in some way.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them. Something sweet but bitter, drink it and it might leave a bad taste on your tongue.
There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? She would try flirting with the lead and if not would go straight into combat.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – She would go for the insulter or miss lead them into a situation that would eventually kill them.

Taron Seralis

Age: 27

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 13.6 Stone

Distinctive Features: Taron has both long hair and a long full beard, both dark black. His Skin is pure white with a very light tint of red showing previous physical injuries. Across his face he has two Scars one over his right eye and one smaller one on his top lip.


Taron has been a resident of the Fallataer District, all his life. Growing up in the deep dark slums was very troubling for Taron, but his early life then shaped his abilities to deal with the darker side of life. For years he would remain in the shadows a motherless child who moved softly through the night and did anything that he could to survive. It was once in his late child hood Taron was stealing fruit from a warehouse near the market district late at night. He was spotted by one of the warehouse owners sons; he persisted to chase Taron finally cornering him. That moment Taron of the shadows died, and was reborn a murder… In the following moments a short but swift fight ensued between the two children, Taron remained alive and victorious. Later in life this memory of murdering to survive kept coming back to Taron, time and time again. This is a burden he will never shake in life, but perhaps also fuels his hidden desperate nature to survive. He will never forgive himself.
Many years later Taron gained a bit of a reputation for himself been known as “the Hunter of the Fallataer District”. This was a reputation that Taron happily kept up; he would be hired out by locals to get rid of undesirables. He lorded himself up in Taverns and started making a name for himself. This would eventually become a reputation with more trouble than it was worth. That same year he was asked by a scrawny looking man named Davrin to Murder a Man named Foruki for allegedly assaulting him… This would be a contract that Taron soon regreated, on the night that Foruki was to be murdered he ventured to one of the darkest areas of the slums where Foruki was said to be living. He found his target with no problem; the only problem was the execution of this assassination… Taron softly moved in the shadows towards the sleeping Foruki as he laid his blade to the throat of the inhumed, Foruki awoke. Taron swiftly plunged his blade into him as Foruki started to scream in pain, plunge after plunge he refused to die to Tarons hands… He heard movement in the stair case below; Taron stabbed the man one more time and ran for the window to escape. He reached the window ledge when the door flew open to show the face and stature of a huge giant of a man, a giant none other than Ba’alishan Malis, Forukis father…

Ba’alishan quickly shot his pistol at Tarons head, in this instance Taron moved as swiftly as he was able but was still struck by the bullet. He fell from the window on the impact and disappeared into the night… Ba’alishan would get his revenge, it would be the last thing he would ever do. For months Taron laid low in the deep slums, no one heard his name, his reputation was near faded. Until an unlikely encounter happened as hiding in the dark shadows of an alleyway Taron heard gun fire and shouting from less than a few meters from his position. This was odd; this was an area where no gangs would travel due to the nature of what lay in the slums… Down below him he saw a man with two others, the man in question was an Arontage clan’s man, named Efran. He looked down to see the two other men with markings from Malis’s Warband, he knew not what to do he thought back to his entrapment at the warehouse many years before, and wondered. “What if someone could have saved me…” In that moment Taron jumped from the shadows blade and pistol in hand shooting the first ganger in the head and quickly decapitating the head of the other in seconds before they realised. This one moment would create a bond between Taron and Efran that would last forever. Days passed they talked they slowly became brothers, after a short time Efran told Taron of a Man named Elanaus Rochad, a great leader of a new upcoming Warband that Efran was a member of.

After a day of moving through the shadows Efran and Taron arrived at Elanaus’s encampment, here Taron would be initiated into their ranks. Elanaus looked to Taron knowing his reputation as a great assassin and his problems with Malis. Elanaus ordered both Taron and Efran out to start causing trouble for Malis, and for nearly five years the two waged guerrilla war under Malis’s territory. By this time Elanaus and his Warband had expanded their territory and were starting to draw awareness from others than just Malis’s Warband. Through their actions and abilities Taron and Efran were promoted to officer ranks within the Warband. This would be a Rank that Taron would retain.


Immediate family – Dead, no one knows not even Taron what happened to them other than he only remembers a distant silhouette of a mother.

Efran – Now his spiritual brother, their bond is like no others. They respect and trust each other more than anyone could imagine.

Elanaus Rochad – Taron is highly respected by him and will always be a strong protector and figure of support of Taron.

Leeleanna Movelsi – Possibly a love interest of Tarons though neither would ever admit it. They have a long standing trust between the two of them.

Marik Koden – Taron Enjoys Mariks personality and company even though would never directly say so.

Team affiliations and Emotive Traits

Rochad Warband -Taron is a very strong and prominent leader of the Rochad Warband, so much so that he will do anything to keep his position and help in Rochads end game plan. His loyalty is without question.

Malis Warband – Tarons long standing resentment and hate for Malis is known by all. They’re mutual loathing of each other is known through most of the districts of the city.

Supersitions phobias traits likes, dislikes – Tarons reoccurring nightmare is of that time back in the warehouse, he will always have a hate for being cornered and watching others in an inescapable situation. Some would call this companion and empathy, Taron would call it doing the right thing. He has become more superstitious in his beliefs as he has aged and feels like now, he was saved from the warehouse incident and feels like he might have a reason to his existence.

His personal likes include cage fighting and drinking with his close friends around him, though will never overtly tell them if anything was wrong. He is too much of a lone wolf for him to open up to people.

He dislikes people who wish to pry into his life, people who make out that he’s some one above his talents over age Taron has realised that people exaggerate too much.

Hopes dreams desires – To one day find his family, and perhaps create his own, in an area far away from the city. In reality hes had enough of fighting and now see it as a means to an end. One day he knows his dream will happen but his burdens that he has carried through his life will never end.

How did they end up there – Through previous intentions and actions have guided him to this position, but Taron much doubts that he would be there without Efran.

Physical Traits

How do they move? – Taron moves with a slight limp occasionally in his right leg this is an old injury from a fall that happened many years ago. Though this affliction only appears when he’s in the extreme cold. His movements on a whole are slow and meaningful until he’s required to be in combat, then his speed increases to sharp direct movements, every swing of his sword, every aim of his gun is to kill, with compassion and without mercy. His swordsmanship is far beyond most slum folk, this is one of the reasons that he has stayed alive so long, because of his blade skill.

What is distinctive about their movements? – The way Taron moves is with a very calm cool nature about him, when he stands you can tell it’s him from a distance, as he extrudes confidence of a young man. Even behind his now older body you can still feel these traits. His neck is always cocked to the side this is due to an injury from falling many years ago, but also empathises his presence onto the people around him.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk – Taron talks with a lot of passion in his voice, every sentence is deep and meaningful, as that is the person he is. His voice wavers in the wind subtly with both emotion and depth. His passion for his work and people around him can be heard in his tone.

Any catch phrases? – “Walking through this world you will notice it only gets darker, even if you step towards the sun”

“*Smirks* If you say so…”

True Nature of the Character

Taron though a mysterious character will show his helpful nature and want to help both the player and others around him. His loyalty to others around him is his main driving force. His confidence well precedes his reputation; the player will look towards him as an inspiring figure. A character that will make the player want to strive to become them. The player will remember Taron as he will influence them from the start to the finish of the game, and will act as a major character.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them? Whisky

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? Run towards them with his sword aloft and pistol in hand ready to kill all in his way.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? He would grab the nearest object and ram it through the skull of the person who would dare insult them.


Age: 523

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 9.1 Stone

Distinctive Features: Väinämöinen is a tall skeletal of a figure, his faces nearly warn off his own body, his skin melting away to the horrors of time. His eyes at this point of his life are completely black and his hair and beard both long in growth and pure white with faded edges of red falling on the bottom. His robes are pure purple with the darkest tints of black and red to show corruption. His skin often shows slight tints of purple running through his vains.


Väinämöinen is the leader of the great magi house of … He is known to the world as the wisest man ever to exist and this is something that all peoples know. His life has lasted for more than two hundred years through manipulation of the rift onto himself but with this ability to survive for such a long period of time has slowly corrupted him.

Väinämöinen was born to the great magi house, he had always been talented with a great imagination and creative manipulation of the Rift. He quickly was risen through the ranks of the house, becoming the first apprentice to the great magi lord K’ro Y’thi’do for years he studied under him learning the ways of not only how to harness power from the rift but other forms of mystical powers. He eventually grew to become the wisest of the Magi eventually even being rumoured to be more powerful than his master.

Nearly forty years passed as Väinämöinen studied under his master to become the next grand master. On the fortieth year and one day K’ro Y’thi’do eventually passed away. Leading there to be a master apprentice duel to determined the next leader, after months and months of bitter struggling of both power, whit, fortune and wisdom Väinämöinen became victorious.

Since this time he has lead the house to a more prosperous future including creating easier and less dangerous ways into harnessing Rift energy. Through doing this he eventually worked a way to extend his life through the destroying of others. So every year to extend his life span he has been sacrificing a person of the streets to the greater Rift Daemon Xi, who has offered for the sacrifices a extension of Väinämöinen’s life. For every one of these lost souls Väinämöinen has finally started corrupting his own soul, creating a dark twisted man insteast of the pervious great magi that he once was.

This the corruption of Väinämöinen, the Magi of the house have started using darker forms of Rift Magic, Previous Magic that was unused and deemed evil by the previous Grand Magi.

Family/friends and Emotive

Fi-Elias – once the apprentice to Väinämöinen he is now in hiding, in fear that Väinämöinen is trying to summon something too dark and unnatural into the world.

Frogan – Bitter long term rivals these two are the biggest opposing forces on the continent.

Team affiliations

He is the Grand Magi of the house of …

He has no affiliations with the other houses or Warbands.

Väinämöinen has scoptophobia, and so will not allow anyone to see him face to face so when at court with Väinämöinen all peoples have to wear masks or visors to cover their eyes.

He has no phobia other than death, and will do anything to live forever, even if it twists his soul…

He loves power, and he has lots of it, he has no lust other than for knowledge and everlasting life, and will do anything he can to succeed in this.

Dislikes, well he doesn’t dislike anyone or anything just sees everyone but him as a pawn to his own wealth and survival. Thus so he will do anything to maintain his position in life.

Hopes dreams desires – His dreams are to know everything, and become the most powerful form of knowledge in the world. This is a hope and desire that will probably see the end of him. Though he will never give up his quest to understand not only the meaning of everything in the world but also the meaning of everything including the Rift.

Physical Traits

How do they move? He moves slowly as an old man corrupted by power, this being so his legs have slowly fell to the power of time, and now causes him to walk with a stick. When not walking he also has a rift throne that he can move around on if he needs to.

What is distinctive about their movements? His movements are slow and staggered like an old man who has trouble moving, this being so he requires a stick to move and moves with a hunch in his back due to his corrupted aged state.

Vocal Characterisation and Dialogue

How they talk? – He talks slowly and wisely. Often his sentences are overly drawn out with his use of speech.

Any catch phrases? “Mortality is for those who lack understanding”

“Often the end is the beginning.”

True Nature of the Character

His true nature is to become wise in the ways of everything perhaps even eventually trying to unify the world under his amazing power of knowledge. He wishes to become the most powerful man in the world and will do anything even harness the darker powers of the rift to do this. Eventually the Rift will corrupt him when he finally tries to summon the greater daemon Xi, into existence. Unfortunately for him he will then be bound to this creature’s fate, whatever it is.

Character in hypothetical situations

What liquid best describes them.. Cyanide – Once taken gives death no matter what you are.

There motions when dealing with an enemy of out numbering odds what would they do? – Use some rift energy to summon a ball of energy or any element to kill everyone attacking him.

If they were insulted what would happen to them? – He would turn them into ice or stone and watch them slowly die over time.

Warband Bit Players

Phillious Renwold of Eschenbach

Bio: Head of the House of Easchenbach Phellious is known as the great Prof. Easchenbach. Renowned as the greatest inventor of his time and age. He sits in power of the House of Easchenbach and spends all his days toiling and creating magnificent inventions within his great laboratory. He has very little say into the city under him but still has great impacts onto them with the pollution from his factories and waste falling from his Floating island.

Physical appearance: He’s an old spindly man with tufts of grey and white hair. He wears extended goggles that help him focus onto every fine detail of his work, and his dress is a lavish white lab coat with a brown blacksmiths apron and gloves.

Vocal style: He sounds like the stereotypical mad inventor with the aspects of a stutter after all words of importance.

Plot attachment: He will often lead sub quests near end game for the player in order for him to create new inventions which may benefit the player.

Sha Singal Vannis Parrelli

Bio: Head of the merchant house or appeared head of the merchant house. Singal sits there as a wealth of power to all men, he is known as the great trader, the figure head for all merchants.

Physical Appearance: his body is bloated and large, he appears rich perhaps the richest person in the world. His hair is bold and his skin oozing with both fat and oils.

Vocal style: His voice is deep and booming. His accent is that of nobility with a rich tone following every sentence as it rings out from his lips.
Plot attachment: Will lead the player to the True head of the house of the merchants and will often give quests for hunting extravagant beasts, or running supplies from one area to another.

Winzoid “The well Endowed” Frazznol

Bio: True head of the merchant house and gratified Goblin. He originally came from the great goblin tribe of Zin-tofar-a-gon but made a name for himself as a local trader. After a long while he decided to expand his business ventures and moved across the world where he eventually met Singal who offered his services for a great cost. They eventually formed the Guild and now have the greatest combined wealth in the land.

Physical appearance: Though short and green mostly he acts and moves like a child, his dress is well odd. He wears a massive red cape with furry regal trimmings around the neck. This then leads up to his Dick Turpin styled red hat which is obviously a few sizes too big for him.
Vocal style: His speech is very broken and half used, his understanding for the human language is minimal and finds it hard to understand what true words mean instead he chooses to pick a word that then fits with what he wants it to mean. His voice itself is high pitched and very much like a bird that squawks.

Plot information: He will eventually show himself to the player as the head of the merchants Guild and offer the player greater more extravagance items. This will be for more rewarding harder to complete quests. He will basically act as a form of comic relief in the game itself.

Lord Barendel Movellian

Bio: Head and great lord of the house of …. He is known by the city folk as the charitable kind old man who believes him and his house need to protect and give back to the people of the city. So much so that he often runs aid work and helps the locals by inviting them to his grand court in order to settle aspects of political change in the city. Some say he is after a throne of the whole city though it is against his nature to wish for power.

Physical Appearance: He looks that of an old caring man with white hair and a small well kept beard. His body is hidden behind layers of thick looking armour with lavish white and black silks running smoothly over it showing the great tree of his house.

Vocal style: His voice is that of a smooth well pitched baritone. Both tranquil and relaxing for the player and people around him to hear, he rarely loses his patience so expect a smooth helpful welcome from him.

Plot attachment: He and his knights will help in the last battle and will also require quests to prove your worth and charitable enough to help him with his quest for change. He will often give quests at mid to end game through either himself or agency, who will tell the player to do something to benefit the population somehow.

Shi Ken-Gorath

Bio: Leader of the warrior House of Shigeru a great warrior and man of honour. He now resides on a floating island above the great city where he expands his personal riches from his guards going out and hunting and raiding far off settlements. It’s said that Ken-Gorath is the distant relative of a great warrior from the far, far east of world past this continent and the next.

Physical appearance: He is a tall man with a great ruff of hair and a large moustache falling in a well kept way from his face, his skin though slightly darker also has a light tint of purple to it. Be this from previous misdeeds with the rift no one quite knows.

Vocal style: His voice is very abrupt and to the point, that often leads the player in the belief that he might attack you for a service to him more than reward you. His humour is often shown in a very threatening manner so much so that he will often try and intimidate the player.
Plot attachment: He will offer exotic weapons and armour to the player if some quests are done for him. His quest log will be one of the most challenging in the game with the creation of harder creatures than most others. If missions are not done to his personal desires he might attack the player also.

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