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The music in the game will incorporate elements of classical, baroque and romantic music, utilising orchestral instruments and percussion coupled with more modern styles, primarily rock and metal. Generally speaking orchestral arrangements will be used as the standard music throughout the game with the instrumental diversity being used to create a different atmosphere depending on the environment and location the player is in. This means that even with just a few melodic themes with a few small changes can be made and a change of instrumentation can be utilised throughout the game creating a unified feel throughout but also allowing for enough change dependant on the situation.

Modern elements will be primarily used in the sequences that play during combat or dramatic cinematic cut scenes. The addition of drums will be used to increase the impression of pace and to add greater punch to the music during fast paced and dramatic sequences. Adding bass and distorted guitars will be used primarily to create heroic themes and to add more depth to the more epic orchestrations, borrowing compositional devices from styles such as power and symphonic metal to add power to the piece and pull the player along with it, to pump them up.

The third stylistic trend will be to emptier and simpler arrangements based on themes utilised elsewhere. These will be primarily based on classical or acoustic guitar and will tend towards a folk style and more medieval feel with simpler chords creating a more open sound. These will be strongly associated with the less technologically advanced areas of the game and will and be reminiscent of bard’s songs and epic sagas.

The primary inspiration for the modern sections of music is taken from bands such as Kamelot, Blind Guardian and Epica, with the inspiration for the orchestrated sections being taken from games such as the Age of Empires series, Empire Earth and Lords of Magic, as well as from bands such as Turisas, E.S Posthumus and Rhapsody.


Theme_1_Piano – This is the melody in its most basic form with only a held note accompaniment of the route chord to fill in the sound and ensure against clashes.

Theme_1_Cinematic – This track has the original melody double in octaves played on brass with another brass section playing the held chords underneath. Percussion has been added to give the music more punch. The brass instruments are used to make the piece more heroic with the percussion accenting the melody to give it a “punching the air” quality.

Theme_1_Battle – This track is played solely on modern instruments and the tempo has been increased by forty percent. The melody line has been raised one and then two octaves in the second section lending more power to the line. The piece is filled in with a second guitar line combining a galloping rhythm with extracts from the melody. The drums utilise double-pedal technique throughout, which coupled with the galloping rhythm from the guitar give a lot of pace to the piece. The rhythmic stops in the rhythm guitar part create moments of suspense before driving the piece onwards. The guitar parts together form a heterophonic texture creating a tightly knit but full sound.

Theme_1_Folk – This track takes the melody line from the theme as a base but alters the rhythm to give it a more relaxed and calming feel. A few of the notes have been changed to fit with the new rhythm and the accompanying chords have been changed to fit with the altered melody. All of the accompanying chords have been left as octaves to give an emptier and simpler sound which blends together with the melody. The piece also utilises 3/4 timing (like a waltz) rather than 4/4 like the other themes thus removing it further from the original sound and creating a much more melancholic and sleepy mood.

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