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All weapons require the following.

  • First-person model (up to 5,000 polys for a light weapon, 10,000 for a heavy)
  • Third-person model (up to 2,000 polys for a light weapon, 3,000 for a heavy)
  • Diffuse texture - Rob
  • Normal texture - Rob
  • Primary fire sound - Andrew
  • Secondary fire sound - Andrew
  • WeaponFire animation - Sam
  • WeaponAltFire animation - Sam
  • WeaponIdle animation - Sam
  • WeaponPutDown animation - Sam
  • WeaponEquip animation - Sam

The following weapons need to be created. The SMG model from last semester can be used as a base for the SMG.

Weapon Creator
Heavy Shotgun Rowan
Pistol Luke/Sam
SMG Rowan
Sniper Rowan
Melee Weapon Nick


All characters require the following.

  • Model (as low poly as possible)
  • Diffuse texture (for the armour, two are required - ally and enemy)
  • Normal texture
Model Creator
Troll Jack
Armour pieces Rowan


All other models require the following.

  • Model (as low poly as possible)
  • Diffuse texture
  • Normal texture

Large Models

Model Parts Creator
Skyship SkyshipMain, SkyshipCannon, SkyshipEngine Jack
Truck TruckMain, TruckWheel, TruckRearPanel Nick

Other Models
When you choose to model one of these place your name by it - this should ensure we do not get duplicate models.

RockCliff Sam
RockArch Sam
RockBridge Sam
Rockplatue Damian
MainGate Sam
LargeIronDoorRusted Jack
SmallRock Sam
Ladder Jack Perkin
MetalBars Jack Perkin
MetalPole Jack Perkin
MetalDoorFrame Jack Perkin
MetalDoor Jack Perkin
CorrugatedMetal Damian
FenceGate Damian
ButtonPodium Damian
Padlock Damian
Fountain Jack Perkin
MetalCrate Sam
MetalColum Damian
WoodenCratePanel Sam
WoodenCrateLid Sam
WoodenPlank Jack Perkin
MetalBarrel Damian
StoneRubble (Removed - using unreal S_HU_Deco_SM_Rubble01; S_HU_Deco_SM_Rubble03b and S_HU_Deco_SM_Rubble03c)
PipeStraight Damian
PipeCorner Damian
SmallPipe Jack Perkin
SmallPipeCorner Jack Perkin
SmallPipeT Jack Perkin
Railing Damian
StreetLamp Jack Perkin
WallLamp Jack Perkin
Turret Nick
Missile Damian
BarrenTrees Sam
SparseBush (Removed)
CircleGrate Rob
Barricade Damian
BrokenTable Jack Perkin
BrokenChair Jack Perkin
WholeChair Jack Perkin
WholeTable Jack Perkin
WindowFrame Jack Perkin
WindowOpaque Jack Perkin
MetalPoles Damian

List of Unreal Static Meshes Used

Sky Ship Room Models Needed

Some Form of Flood light, about the size of a body of an unreal character with some form of support beam, seperate models please. Jack
Boxes (Removed)
Metal shelf storage device (Removed)
Barrels (Removed)
Large Doors for vehicals to travel in to drop off supplies. (Removed)
Console panel (Removed using Unreal S_LT_Deco_Monitor2)
Computer Work Station (Removed using Unreal Unreal S_LT_Deco_Monitor2)
lift pullie (Removed)
Wooden Sign with the words "Office" or "Control" Spray painted onto it, (Removed)

BSP Textures

All BSP textures require the following.

  • Diffuse texture
  • Normal texture

Sand Sam
Rock Sam
Rock2 Sam
MeshFence Sam
RustedMetal Sam
Concrete Sam
BrickWall Sam
GrimyBrickWall Sam
Metal Sam
TiledRoof Sam
White Bricks Sam
Stained Red Bricks Sam
Tiled Concrete Sam


AmbientMusic Andrew
BattleMusic Andrew
ThemeMusic Andrew
SewerMusic Andrew

Engine Andrew
MetalClank Andrew
DoorOpening Andrew
AmbientWater Andrew
WaterDripping Andrew
MetalCrashing Andrew

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