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To evoke an emotional response is the primary objective of Warband, and this is heavily emphasised in the art style. This ranges from the warm welcoming colours used to represent the verdant fantasy landscapes to the dark saturated colours used to exacerbate the dank areas of the slums and more dangerous areas of the world.

The player will find his or herself quickly making this emotional response, bringing depth and further levels of gritty realism and fantasy romance into the story. Colour will play a major part in conveying function as well – this will be seen with the use of softer more relaxing colours to emphasise the player and his allies, whereas enemy Warbands will be represented with a darker red to show and provoke animosity towards them.

Light will particularly be used in the creation of not only leading the player to desired locations but also empathising factors such as fear, hatred, relief, serendipity and joy. The shadow definition will be a major aspect in the creation of this game, with the lighting a main focus into directing and also misdirecting the player into additional interesting plot twists.

The world at large will comprise of areas of post processing effects to create additional depth for the player to immerse themselves into the game. These additional aspects of pre-planned game effects will lead the player into the belief that the world is a dynamically changing environment to both effect and invoke an emotional response. This will range from watching the sun gently sweep from behind the mountains to watching the street lamps of the darkest dingiest part of the slums flickering.

Colourimetry and colour theory will be major aspects of influence onto the game itself. The game will stay away from the more modern game approach of constant colour saturation and instead using colour balance with aspects of saturation if needed to create an emotive response.

On the whole the art style has been distinctively created with both the feel and look of both eastern and western design philosophy. The creative response of both emotion used in not only one single culture, but aspects of many cultures influenced from the real world. This will be not only to sell the product to a plethora of different cultures but also to bring a further depth of reality into the Warband world.

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